Facilities & Locations

  1. Available Rentals & Information

    The Benson Parks and Recreation Department has some great opportunities for the public to rent their facilities.

  2. Benson Civic Center

    The Parks and Recreation Department has rooms available for rentals within the Civic Center.

  3. Benson Conference Center

    The Conference Center is located at 303 E Church Street, Benson, NC. The Conference Center has four rooms available for use with access to Audio/Visual accessories.

  4. Benson Singing Grove

    This area contains a multi-purpose room, picnic shelters, and a playground.

  5. Exercise Room / Game Room

    Our exercise room and game room have been in operation for over two years now and we are proud to offer this service to the citizens of Benson and the surrounding communities.

  6. Mitchell Nance Athletic Complex & Picnic Shelter

    The Nance Athletic Complex, located on East Hill Street, is primarily used for youth athletics.

  7. Municipal Park & Picnic Shelter

    Municipal Park is located beside the Benson Civic Center and offers a variety of facilities, including ball fields, batting cages and horseshoe pits.

  8. W.J. Barefoot Auditorium

    This historic auditorium was recently renovated in 2000 and has been the setting for many pageants, plays, musicals and variety shows.

​Want to learn more about renting a facility in Benson?

For questions about renting any of the Benson Conference Center facilities or W.J. Barefoot Auditorium, please contact Laureen Shepard Lshepard@townofbenson.com or 919-894-3553.

For questions about renting the Benson Civic Center, Singing Grove, Exercise/Game Room, Mitchell Nance Athletic Complex & Picnic Shelter, or the Municipal Park & Picnic Shelter, please call Benson Parks and Recreation Department at 919-894-5117.