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2018 Parks & Rec Dept. Survey

  1. Does anyone in your household use any of the recreation facilities and/or parks in Benson?

  2. Do you live within Town limits?

  3. What is your gender?

  4. What is your ethnicity?

  5. What are the ages of the members of your household?

  6. Which recreational parks/facilities in Benson does your household use most often?

  7. Please select your household's 5 most preferred recreation activities.

  8. Please select your household's 10 most preferred recreation facilities.

  9. How many times a year do you attend an event hosted or sponsored by Benson Parks and Recreation?

  10. How do you normally hear of these events? Check all that apply.

  11. How often do you use social media

  12. How well does the Town communicate events/leagues via social media?

  13. Current Benson Parks & Rec fees are reasonable:

  14. In addition to current facilities used for recreation Benson Parks and Recreation should develop additional recreation facilities. (Field house, ball fields, play areas etc.)

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