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Town of Benson Broadband Survey 2020

  1. Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

    By participating in this survey, you are agreeing that the Town of Benson and the NC Broadband Infrastructure Office may seek to contact you to follow up on your service needs. Results will be: 1) mapped to show unmet needs or demand for high speed internet and 2) shared with relevant broadband service providers or community planners in an effort to identify service solutions. Therefore, your address in the beginning demographic section is critical to identifying underserved areas. Users submitting data on this survey can choose to NOT allow their location to be mapped. If mapped for public display, specific addresses will be buffered to ensure anonymous addresses. We invite all Benson residents to complete this survey by February 10. For more information on this survey, please call Benson Town Hall at (919) 894-3553. Thank you in advance for your time.

  2. Is this a home-based business?

    Please check YES or NO

  3. If NO, would you be able to work from home if you had better technology?

    Please check YES or NO

  4. Location Permissions

    One of the purposes of this survey is to collect and map locations where there is need for additional high-speed Internet options. To map a location, the street address of the location is geocoded (a longitude/ latitude identifier) and used to position markers on a publicly viewable map.

  5. Can your residence location appear on the Benson Demand Map?

    If the location can be mapped, the address WILL NOT appear on the map. It is not required that this location be mapped to complete and submit this survey. If you indicate no, no information will appear on the map.

  6. Question 1

    Does your household currently have internet service at home (NOT cellular/mobile)?

  7. Question 2

    What is the main reason your household does not currently have internet access (excluding cellular/mobile) in your home?

  8. Question 3

    If you have internet service at home, what type of service does your household have (other than cellular/mobile)?

  9. Question 4

    If you have internet service at home, how satisfied are you with your service (not cellular/mobile)?

  10. Question 5

    Does your household currently access the internet through a cellular data plan?

  11. Question 6

    What is the main reason you do not currently have a cellular/mobile data plan?

  12. Question 7

    How satisfied are you with your current internet access via your cellular data plan?

  13. Question 8

    Which of the following digital devices does your household own?

  14. Question 9

    If you do not own a digital device, what is the main reason you do not currently own one (or more)?

  15. Question 10

    Do you or at least one member of your household own a smartphone?

  16. Question 11

    If you do not own a smart phone, what is the main reason you do not currently own one (or more)?

  17. Question 12

    Please indicate your desired internet speed for your home.

  18. Question13

    How often do your children (in grades K-12) access the internet at home to complete homework?

  19. Question 14

    How often do your children (in grades K-12) use a digital device for homework?

  20. Question 15

    How often do your children (in grades K-12) use the following places in your community to access free internet for completing homework?

  21. Public Library (e.g., County, College/University)

  22. Restaurants (e.g., Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.)

  23. Retailers (e.g., Apple Store, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

  24. Other Public Institutions (e.g., community center, park, museum, etc.)

  25. Someone else's home (e.g., classmate, friend, family member, etc.)

  26. Question 16

    Thinking about your use of the internet and digital devices, how comfortable are you with using them to do the following tasks:

  27. Help my children with schoolwork

  28. To pay bills

  29. Online banking

  30. For work

  31. To shop online

  32. To access personal information (e.g., medical records, taxes, etc.)

  33. Job search

  34. Entertainment (e.g., watching movies, videos, listening to music, etc.)

  35. Question 17

    What is the maximum you are willing to pay for an internet connection?

  36. Question 18

    Please indicate the age range of primary users of internet service at your home.

  37. Question 19

    Do school-age children (K-12) live in your home?

  38. Question 19

    What is your sex?

  39. Question 21

    What is your race/ethnicity?

  40. Question 22

    Which of the following ranges includes your annual household income:

  41. Question 23

    What is your household’s highest degree or level of school completed?

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