W.J. Barefoot Auditorium

This historic auditorium was recently renovated in 2000 and has been the setting for many pageants, plays, musicals and variety shows.

Seating Capacity

The WJ. Barefoot Auditorium has a seating capacity of 334 and is home to the Benson Little Theater which has multiple productions throughout the year.

Deposit & Fees

There is a $200 cash deposit required for all rentals along with the rental fee.


$350 for 4 hours and $50 for each additional hour.


$400 for 4 hours and $50 for each additional hour.

Non-Profit Groups- 501(c) (3) designation:

(Groups provide copy of determination letter)
Students and Charities will be 50% of the above
Sound will be $80.00 and if lights are used the rate will be $130.00 for both

​Technical Charges:

When use of audio equipment is required, a technician will be provided at the following rate: $80.00 for 4 hours     $15.00 each additional hour

When use of lighting equipment is required with sound the rate will be $130.00          $15.00 each additional hour.

Projector use: $55.00

Room Capacities:


334 seats

Patron's Room:


**NOTE** Failure to vacate facility at designated time without prior approval will result in overage being deducted from facility deposit.