Establishing Service

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Important Information & Forms

Service Agreement

The Town of Benson will make all reasonable efforts to provide continuous and uninterrupted electric service but cannot be liable for loss of or damage (direct, consequential or otherwise) caused by any failure to supply electricity or by an interruption, if it is due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of the Town of Benson.

The rights and responsibilities of the Town of Benson and Customer regarding electric service include those set out in the Town's Policies and Procedures Manual (a copy of which is available upon request). Those policies in effect for the date of this application may be updated or changed from time to time by the Town. However, the terms and provisions of the Manual, as they might change are incorporated in this application.

This Application and the documents referred to in this Application, specifically including the Town’s Policies and Procedures Manual, constitute the entire agreement between the Customer and the Town with respect to the provision of utility service by the Town. Neither party shall be responsible to the other except as specifically set out in this Application and in those agreements or documents referred to in this Application.

Although the town and its customers may not always exercise the rights specified in these policies or available to them by law, that does not prevent the Town of the customer from exercising those rights at a later time.

The applicant understands that the Town must take actions and expend funds to comply with this request for service. By signing this application signifies that he has the authority to request electric service, both permanent and temporary to the premises identified in this application. By signing this Application, the applicant requests permanent electric service, to be preceded by temporary service if needed, for the location identified.

Upon acceptance of this application, a valid contract is formed by the Town and the applicant.

Utility service will be subject to any and all rates, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, terms and conditions applicable to the service, and as revised by the Town of Benson with the authority given it by North Carolina General Statute Chapter 160A, Article 16.

This contact is formed upon acceptance and signature by the Town of Benson’s representative and the customer.