Benson Police Divisions

The Benson Police Department is comprised of four divisions; Administrative, Investigations, Patrol, and Special Services.

The Administrative Division of the Benson Police Department is responsible for completing tasks such as scheduling, budgeting, payroll, vehicle/equipment maintenance, grants management, training, and special Town/Department projects.  In addition, the responsibility for reports and other records are included as well.  It is staffed by the Chief of Police, the Captain, and the Administrative Assistant.  

The Investigations Division is responsible for conducting investigations into more serious crimes, as well as the collection of evidence and crime scene processing, trial preparation and testimony, and other assignments as needed.  It is staffed by two Detectives.

The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to requests for law enforcement services, conducting preliminary investigations and completing reports, traffic enforcement, and the general protection of life and property.  It is staffed by two Sergeants and six Patrol Officers, and one Auxiliary Sergeant and five Auxiliary Officers. 

The Special Services Division is comprised of Animal Control, which is responsible for the enforcement of laws and ordinances related to animals and their welfare; Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), which is responsible for building and maintaining enhanced relationships with citizens and businesses, through the planning and use of meetings and special events; and the School Resource Officers, who are responsible for providing for the safety and security of students and staff at our local schools.  It is staffed by one Animal Control Specialist, one COPS Officer, and two SRO’s.

  1. Ramiro Velazquez

    Patrol Officer

  2. Billy Brown


  3. Jared Jordan


  4. Danny Lucas


  5. Amanda Mitchell

    Administrative Assistant

  6. Greg Percy


  7. Erin Sinclair

    COPS Officer

  8. Josh McNeill

    Patrol Officer

  9. Gary Whitman

    SRO Lieutenant

  10. Nikki Losada


  11. Megan Rosen

    Patrol Officer

  12. Zachary Finch

    Patrol Officer

  13. Daniel Smith

    Patrol Officer

  14. Bailey Tart

    Patrol Officer

  15. Zayne Trent

    Patrol Officer

  16. Dharuba Washington

    Patrol Officer

  17. Julian Williams

    Patrol Officer

  18. Kevin Barbour

    Aux. Sergeant

  19. Jeff Young

    Aux. Officer

  20. Patrick Snell

    Aux. Officer

  21. Jimmie Massengill

    Aux. Officer

  22. Jamie Wicker

    Aux. Officer

  23. Kenneth Edwards

    Aux. Officer